Skincare Journey 101: Skin Type & Condition

by Judi Moise | Posted: June 29, 2021 | Skin Types & Conditions
Skincare Journey 101: Skin Type & Condition

The most frequented asked question from my clients is my skincare regimen. The benefits of a regimen is to keep the collagen and elastin as active as possible while nourishing the skin with active ingredients.  Stimulating the skin will assist in better product absorption and producing new skin cells, while exfoliating dead ones.

Lights, camera, action with both personal and professional video calls. New and current clients are telling me the comments their colleagues are making. “You look tired’. “You look different without make-up on”. Minimalizing their hair, skin and wardrobe routine is making clients more aware of their self-image. I know we’ve been out of routine, but what better time to get reacquainted with your skin then now.

Consistency will help you incorporate this new habit while conditioning your skin to an improved regimen. I would like to say I do not miss a day, but realistically, it happens. The most important timeframe is the beginning. You may hear me compare a skincare and facial protocol to conditioning your body to a new workout. The 1st two weeks is not the easiest but necessary for your body to sustain and increase muscle mass and fat loss (my personal trainer once told me). The skin needs about the same time to adjust to the pH and frequency of your current or new skincare products for your skin to get acclimated to the change.

Once you get reacquainted with your skin, bi-weekly or monthly facials are important to prolong skin wellness. It is a great complement to maintain the hard work you and your skin specialist achieved. “Wait Judi, I just got started!” No worries. We will take a weekly journey to:

  • Gather skincare products
  • Identify your skin type & condition
  • Streamline standard skincare regimen
  • Discover use & purpose of active ingredients
  • Customize your skincare products & regimen

More will be added to cover advanced regimens such as:

  • Skincare & Botox
  • Skincare & Fillers
  • Pre & post laser procedures

Plus, any other topic you’d like for me cover. Take this time to prepare questions about products, ingredients, potency, etc. to ensure the proper regimen for you. Now it’s time to start this skincare journey, together.