Skincare Journey 101: Week 8- Summary

by Judi Moise | Posted: August 25, 2021 | Advanced Facial Potocals,Beauty Tips,Skin Types & Conditions
Skincare Journey 101: Week 8- Summary

Congratulations! We have concluded the 1st series of Skincare Journey 101. The skin is the largest organ of the body and the most permeable, which means quality skincare matters. Use this as a guideline to organize your regimen or to make it more functional. It’s important to practice this habit to form consistency and accountability to see the real-time results. Skincare products are an investment; hence you don’t want to be wasteful, right?


Summary of the Skincare Journey

Week 1: Skin Type and Condition

Week 2: Daily Skincare Regimen

Week 3: Sequence & Frequency

Week 4: Sunscreen

Week 5: Correct

Week 6: Exfoliation

Week 7: Toners


This should be a great starting point to understand your skin type and condition to customize the correct skincare regimen. If there’s a product missing or low, this is the best time to fill in the gap(s) and try something new that contains quality and active ingredients that is functional to your skin type. This is the ideal process to slowly introduce yourself to a new line.

*It takes about 2 weeks for your skin to get acclimated to new products.

It’s important to use the same line of skincare products, mostly because of the pH levels.  A skincare line is made to work synergistically with the other products in the line according to pH. For example, a cleaner from La Roche Posay will have a higher pH level than a medical-grade cleanser from ZO Health which has a lower pH level. A lower pH is more effective to reach the live skin to stimulate new skin cells. Why? Our skin is already slightly acidic (acid mantle) to keep it balanced. A product with a lower pH is more acidic to drive deeper than the acid mantle. Therefore, for a medical-grade moisturizer to be more effective, you should follow the sequence in the same skincare line for the pH formulated ingredients to work synergistically.

I hope you’ve learned some valuable skincare information. Educating my clients is the most vital part. Reason, logic and, consistency, and reward of a system help the mind sustain a habit. It’s ok if a week is missed. This journey is your pace. Keep reaching out to me with your skin questions. I love it! Your skincare goal is my priority.

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Judi Moise, BAS, LE