Skincare Journey 101: Week 3-Sequence & Frequency

by Judi Moise | Posted: July 14, 2021 | Get Obsessed
Skincare Journey 101: Week 3-Sequence & Frequency

Skincare Journey 101: Sequence & Frequency

How did you do last week on your skincare routine?

  • If you’re missing a product. we could discuss recommendations
  • If you’re ahead of the journey, let’s discuss product integrity

Additionally, make sure your products are not expired. There are two (2) dates to consider determining Shelf Life:

  • Expiration Date (usually printed on the bottle)
  • Period After Opening (PAO). Usually labeled with a number and “M” for month
    • Example: 6M= 6 Months from when product is open

Expired products will reduce the Effectiveness (adequate to accomplish intended purpose BEFORE expiration date) and/or Efficacy (expected result under ideal circumstance WITHIN Period After Opening).

If the expired date exceeds the PAO, then the product is not effective. For example, potency is compromised because the ingredients are unstable. Signs are:

  • Product Separation (oil/water)
  • Rancid (foul smell)
  • Steaky

If the PAO is within the expired date, then you have up to the expired date for the product’s efficacy to deliver positive results. Even if it’s only one month before expiration. Therefore, you don’t want to have multiple products in rotation. Use a sharpie to put the date product was open to time it correctly.

We have our products.
We know what products are missing.
We know what products are expired.

Now it’s time to organize it by Sequence & Frequency. The chart identifies the purpose of the sequence to condition the skin, increasing the skin response to active ingredients.

As mentioned, consistency is key. It’s ok to miss a day or step. Even I miss a day at times (ok, rarely 😊). No stress! Here are some tips to sustain your routine:

  • Cleanse your face in the shower. It will save time and ensure a thorough cleanse of the face and neck.
  • Purchase a pretty glass or acrylic tray to make your products presentable. This will entice product usage and organization.
  • Use a Beauty Tacker to make yourself accountable. Don’t have one? Contact me for a PDF.

It’s not too late to start this journey. Skin is the largest organ and understanding skin wellness will help you achieve your skincare goals, effectively.