Salt Crystal Lamps

24 Jun 2013
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Salt Crystal Lamps are made from natural salt crystals formed by nature and mined from the Himalayas.  Salt Crystal Lamps emit negative ions into the surrounding air. They are a natural ionizer. The negative ions of the salt lamp neutralize positive ions caused by cars, dust pollution and cigarette smoke. Microwaves, TV’s and computers also emit these positive ions. The negative ions give the air freshness similar to waterfalls or the air you feel after a thunderstorm. Salt Crystal Lamps are used to help relief headaches, allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. The plentiful negative ions neutralize the potential harmful positive ions causing the air to achieve an electrical balance..

UVA and UVB rays

23 Apr 2013
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Your skin is the first defense in protecting your body in this constant change of weather. A main factor is UV rays, especially in overcast weather. No matter what skin tone you have, it’s important to prepare for the outdoors to avoid future skin issues. UVA-Aging rays (sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles) UVB-Burning rays (over exposure of the sun) that could cause Actinic keratosis, which can be precancerous. What to do? Apply at least SPF 30 BROAD SPECTRUM to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays Wear a hat during peak time hours between 10am-4pm Schedule an appointment with me to prep your skin for the Spring/Summer.

Who are Aestheticians?

15 Apr 2013
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You may hear variations of an Aesthetician such as Skin Care Specialist and Facial Specialist, but we are NOT Cosmetologists. Aestheticians are Licensed Professionals that specialize in skin treatments, body treatments, makeup and waxing. An analysis is performed to determine skin types and conditions to customize a skin regime that is beneficial for their clients. Recommendations are also given to the client to maintain their services at home. See a difference in your skin after a session with this Professional.

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